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Gluten free



1. Funghi Pancetta – Pan fried mushrooms with bacon, chilli and tomato sauce                 £4.00
2. Funghi Di Mare – Pan fried mushrooms with prawns, tomato sauce, cheese & garlic      £4.50
3. Cozze Piccanti – Fresh mussels cooked in a chilli, white wine & tomato sauce                £4.95
4. Cozze Alla Crema – Fresh mussels cooked in a white wine & cream sauce                     £4.95
5. Gamberetti Diavola – Prawns cooked in a tomato, garlic & chilli sauce                            £4.00
6. Calamari Fritti  - Deep fried fresh squid                                                                             £4.00
7. Calamari Inferno – Fresh squid cooked in a garlic, tomato & chilli sauce                         £4.00

Vegetarian Appetisers

15. Funghi All’Aglio – Pan fried mushrooms in a white wine sauce with garlic & fresh parsley         £3.50
16. Funghi Dolcelatte – Pan fried mushrooms with dolce latte cheese in a garlic & cream sauce   £4.00
20. Uova Fiorentina – oven baked spinach, tomato and egg topped with mozzarella                 £3.50
22. Parmigiana – Pan fried aubergine layered with mozzarella, parmesan topped with a tomato & basil sauced     £4.50


Please select the type of pasta you would like first, and then choose from the selection of sauces below to complete your dish.

Gluten Free Pasta:                     £1.50

26. Bolognese – Traditional homemade Italian sauce with mince meat and tomato.                £4.40
27. Frutti Di Mare – Tomato sauce mixed with a variety of fresh seafood, white wine, garlic and parsley         £5.40
28. Carbonara – Traditional homemade creamy egg and bacon sauce with onions                 £4.20
29. Matriciana – Tomato sauce with bacon and onions                                                             £4.20
30. Alfredo – Creamy sauce  with chicken, mushrooms and onions                                          £4.40
31. Salmone E Gamberetti – Smoked salmon cooked with prawns in a creamy tomato & garlic sauce         £4.95
32. Diavola – Spicy Italian sausage cooked with garlic and chilli in a tomato sauce                 £4.20
33. Nonna – Ham & mozzarella cheese cooked in a creamy tomato sauce                              £4.20
34. Spinici E Gamberetti – Creamy tomato sauce cooked with fresh prawns, spinach and garlic     £4.95

34. Polpette – Homemade traditional meatballs in a tomato and bolognese sauce                   £4.95

Vegetarian Pasta Sauces

36. Boscaiola – Tomato based sauce cooked with mushrooms, peppers and garlic                 £4.20
37. Quattro Formaggi – Four cheese sauce cooked traditionally with cream                     £4.20
38. Napoletana – Fresh tomato, garlic  and basil sauce                             £4.20
39. Spinaci E Mascarpone – Mascarpone cheese cooked with garlic & spinach in a creamy white wine tomato sauce     £4.40


44. Risotto Frutti di Mare – Arborio Rice cooked with a selection of seafood, garlic, tomato and white wine         £6.95
45. Risotto Pollo – Arborio Rice with chicken in a light cream and white wine sauce                 £6.45


Vegetarian Risotto

46. Risotto Vegetariano – Arborio Rice cooked with a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables, spinach, garlic & tomato                                                                 £6.45
47. Risotto al Funghi Porcini – Arborio Rice cooked with Porcini mushrooms, cream, garlic and white wine served with parmesan cheese                                 £6.45

Carne e Polli

Please select the type of meat you would like and mix with a sauce of your choice
62. Pollo - Chicken breast fillet                                     £3.90
63. Bistecca – 8oz Sirloin steak cooked to your requirement                         £8.50

64. Porcini – Onions, white wine and wild porcini mushrooms in a cream sauce                 £3.95
65. Cacciatora – Mushroom, peppers, garlic, brandy and tomato sauce                             £3.95
66. Pepe – Demi-glace, mustard and brandy in a cream and peppercorn sauce                 £3.95
67. Diavola – Mixed peppers, white wine, Garlic and chilli in a tomato sauce                     £3.95
68. Diana – Mushrooms, red wine, mustard, onion, demi-glace and brandy with a cream sauce  £3.95
69. Quattro Formaggi – Mozzarella, mascarpone, dolce latte and parmesan cheese sauce             £3.95
70. Pizzaiola – Garlic, olives, capers and oregano in a tomato sauce                     £3.95
71.Milanese – (Pollo only) Coated in eggs and breadcrumbs served with mixed salad or chips.   £3.20


72. Salmone Principessa – Tender fillet of fresh salmon, grilled and served with garlic, spinach, prawns in a tomato sauce                                             £8.40
73. Salmone Saverio - Tender fillet of fresh salmon, grilled and served with garlic, fresh spinach, white wine in cream sauce                                         £8.20
74. Seabass al Limone – A fillet of fresh seabass cooked in olive oil, parsley, white wine, garlic and lemon         £8.20
75. Swordfish Pizzaiola – A swordfish fillet cooked in garlic, capers, white wine and parsley in a tomato sauce         £8.20


76. Insalata di Cesare – Mixed salad with chicken, parmesan shavings and salad dressing        £4.95
77. Insalata di Tonno – Mixed salad with Tuna, red onions and a Italian dressing                     £4.95

Contorni/ Sides

78. Chips                  Small £1.00 

                                  Large £2.00

79. Garlic Mayo        £0.90
80. Spinach – pan fried with garlic and olive oil     £2.95
81. Italian seasoned roast potatoes                       £2.95
82. Parmesan cheese -                                          £1.00
83. Insalata di Pomodoro – tomato and onion salad with fresh basil and olive oil    £2.95
84. Insalata Verde – green salad with iceberg lettuce, green peppers, capers, olives and onions         £3.20
85. Insalata Tricolore – Avocado, mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato                              £4.20
86. Insalata Caprese – Tomato and mozzarella cheese with fresh basil and olive oil         £4.20

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